In-House Service

In-House Service Charged by the Hour

Want to save some time and money? Bring your hardware to us and be charged by the half hour at $50 per half hour. We offer a $50 diagnostic after which we will inform you if you need to replace any hardware. We will let you know how much that hardware will be and what the total charge for installation will be. If we can fix the problem within the first half hour there is NO additional charge over the $50 diagnostic!

What to Bring

If you have a PC that has a standard power cable please bring ONLY the PC with NO cables at all. We have all the requried cables. If you are bringing in a laptop, please DO bring the power cable. If you are bringing in another piece of hardware a power cord will probably be required but you should call ahead to find out exactly what to bring. Sorry, but we DO NOT fix broken laptop screens.