Service Contracts

Free On-Site Evaluation

The first step in starting monthly service or getting a quote for monthly service is the free on-site evaluation. A certified technician will come to your business or practice and do a full evaluation of your current infrastructure and your current needs and wants. This can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or more depending on the size of your business or practice.

Customized Quote

After your free on-site evaluation, a customized quote will be prepared that will outline your needs and wants and the costs associated. Hardware and software requirements will be listed in detail with their respective costs and the monthly amount for your labor will be detailed. Trilotech service contract pricing includes ALL labor to install any new hardware and to maintain and support your network on an ongoing basis.

What a Monthly Service Contract Includes

Not only does your monthly service contract cover all labor to implement new hardware and software it covers all monthly as needed service as well as monthly maintenance. All servers and workstations receive weekly and monthly maintenance. This includes system updates and optimization.

Your contract also includes our customized monthly monitoring and maintenance software. This software allows us to remote into your machines as needed to assist with problems or to perform our maintenance. The software also monitors your systems for negatively impacting situations like low hard drive space and more.

Your monthly service contract also gives you access to our customized ticketing system where you can submit new requests and monitor the progress of those requests.

You also get our top-of-the-line antivirus software bundle. All your systems that have our remote monitoring and maintenance software on them also receive best in class antivirus, antimalware, and firewall services.

All your servers get 250GB of cloud backup storage. Your servers are backed up on a nightly basis ensuring that, even in the most catastrophic cases, your data can be recovered. Your Office 365 accounts also receive regular backups along with your One Drive. We take your data seriously and take all precautions to protect it. We also take all precautions to secure it. Backups can be encrypted as well as your servers and workstations.